About FiT Boss

At FiT Boss we look to help people BOSS their lives through the use of industry experts across fitness, wellness and yoga to provide an all encompassing path to enhanced living.  We want you to thrive.  Our Fit Boss team are skilled across a variety of skill sets including yoga, mixed martial arts, dancing, reiki, meditation, football and much more.  We believe that getting in shape should be a FUN process, and want you to not only get in the best physical, mental and spiritual state of your life, but also learn skills that you can take with you for life.

Whether you want to Fight, Dance or Yoga your way to the best YOU then join the many satisfied Fit Boss clients building their way to increased skills, new passions and lots of fun along the way! We understand that learning a new skill may be daunting, but through the use of one to one, and small group settings it allows for the ability to grow at your own pace, with no judgement whatsoever.  We work with you either at home, or a chosen outdoor settings allow for perfect environments to train, learn and grow to the NEXT level!

What We Do

Personal Yoga Instructors

Our private yoga instructors are the best in the business.  Let their expert guidance help develop you spiritually, mentally, and physically and evolve your yoga practice with you.

Online Classes

Our Online Classes selection allows you to book in at various yoga instructors classes online with choices and flexibility to fit your schedule. Pre register for events and reap the benefits of yoga catering to all levels.


Shop 100’s of awesome yoga products ranging from top quality yoga mats, to Tibetan Singing Bowls, and everything in between.

Private Yoga Classes

Our private yoga sessions can be bought as individual classes, or in packages for those looking for long term benefits with free online classes, private yoga sessions, free event attendance and more.

Comfort of Home

Our private yoga teachers offer the convenience of your own home, or a chosen desired location in order for you to feel at your most comfortable.

Events & Community

We host regular events for our Yoga Boss community. Whether its retreats, full moon yoga, or one off events, we love new members to join and increase the vibe!

Our Mission

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the ease of access to yoga to everyone, anywhere.

Our Vision

Our Vision

At Yoga Bosses, our vision is always to guide those on the path to spiritual, physical and mental wellness.

Our Values

Our Values

Mind. Body. Spirit.