Who this class is for:

  • People new to yoga
  • Experience practitioners looking to develop on their skills with hands on instruction
  • People wanting to take an in depth look and understanding of many asana (poses) and sequences commonly found in Ashtanga yoga classes
  • People wanting to develop a consistent yoga practice
  • People wanting a gentle yet powerful yoga program
  • Guys and girls, kids or adults looking to learn yoga

What you’ll learn

  • Many of the common poses and sequences found in Ashtanga Yoga
  • Useful alignment cues to help you execute the poses in the best way for you
  • A daily practice to help you relax and re-charge


  • Yoga Mat
  • Any open area (including home, garden, beach, office, park, etc)
  • Willingness to learn and improve yoga skills

Ashtanga Yoga is the yoga of the “Eight Limbs”.  The term was created by an old Indian sage named Patanjali (who wrote The Yoga Sutras), that mentions that we should master eight practices (limbs) in order to go beyond suffering, and come to terms with our true self.

An Ashtanga Yoga practice is dynamic, strength building, structured, challenging, and meditative.  Expect to work up a sweat with Ashtanga Yoga, as you move through sequences at your own pace, creating your own awesome flow following the guidelines of Ashtanga.  You will be given a set variation of Ashtanga sequences and moves to complete and will vary according to skill level, as you will be guided throughout, and will allow you the chance to move through your practice with freedom and connection.  A key different of Ashtanga Yoga is the fact of your practice is mainly yours. Whilst your teacher is there to support and teach you the sequences, the majority of the time is spent with you finding your rhythm and completing the sequence at your own pace.

In this, Ashtanga Yoga is very personalized to each individual, with the instructor there to be of support all along the way.  Traditionally yoga was a solo practice, everything would be done at ones own pace, and not done in the group settings we see today (where everyone has to follow the same timing and movement.)

A typical Ashtanga practice would include:

  • 5 sun salutation A and 3-5 sun salutation B
  • A set of standing postures – including forward folds, twists and balances
  • A set of seated postures – including a lot of forward folding, hip opening and twisting. And many of the signature Ashtanga “vinyasas” – jumping back and forward through a flow to keep the heart rate up and to build strength!
  • Finishing sequence – including a deep backbend, shoulderstands and headstand

Learn about and evolve beyond the eight limbs of Yoga suggested by Patanjali.

The Eight Limbs of Yoga in Ashtanga include:

  • Yamas (behavioural observances; things you SHOULD do)
  • Niyamas (behavioural restraints; things you SHOULDN’T do)
  • Asana (practice of physical postures)
  • Pranayama (practice of breathing techniques to control our life force energy)
  • Pratyahara (withdrawal of the senses)
  • Dharana (concentration)
  • Dhyana (meditation)
  • Samadhi (transendance)

So if you are looking for a more individual practice, where you will gain further understanding, knowledge and a hands on approach from your teacher then join our Ashtanga Yoga series.  Book an individual one to one personal session with our awesome yoga teachers, or create your own group and set up your own Ashtanga Yoga group class!

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