What you’ll learn?

  • Know how to perform cool Belly Dance moves with our professional trainers
  • Be able to perform exciting belly dance combinations, along with create your own
  • Have at your fingertips several dance drill sets to continue your ongoing practice.
  • Be able to perform an original Belly Dance choreography that puts all the moves together!

Who this class is for?

  • Available for adults and kids who want to learn to dance or improve on their practice!
  • People who want to learn Belly dancing and fundamental techniques
  • People looking to get fit and into shape in a fun way whilst learning a new skill!


No requirements needed. Just a willingness to learn and have fun!

So you want to learn to Belly Dance?  Belly Dancing can be a great way to not only look great at parties, and learn something exciting and new, but also as a great way to stay in shape and get FIT.    Belly Dancing’s origins can be found back as 17,000 years from old rock engravings, originally used as an ancient fertility ritual.  It has been performed across the world, not only famously in the Middle East, but also including throughout tribes in East Polynesia, Hawaii (think the Hula dance), New Guinea, Africa and also ancient Greece. Today, it is a very popular form of dance amongst Arabic Nations performed at weddings, births and other important celebrations.  Today, people from around the world are exploring the charm of the “Oriental Dance” and feel the benefits of its practice.

Belly Dancing dance strengthens the abdominals, thighs, calves, arms, back, buttocks, and hips. It also targets many under-exercised muscles, which are otherwise hard to tone via day to day activity, which then respond rapidly to bellydance.

Some of the moves you’ll learn over your Belly Dancing trainings:

Upper Body Belly Dance Moves: Horizontal Rib Slides R/L, and F/B, Chest Raise & Release, Horizontal Rib Box, Vertical Rib Box, Chest “V’s”, Horizontal Chest Figure 8’s F/B, Vertical Chest Figure 8s up/down, and Snake Arms

Lower Body Belly Dance Moves: Horizontal Hip Slides R/L and F/B, Pelvic Squares, Hip Twists, Hip Ups, and Pelvic Tilts, Horizontal Hip Figure 8 F/B, 4/4 Hip Shimmy, and the Loose Hip Shimmy

Belly Dance Drills: 7 different sets of drills designed to lock in your learning

Belly Dance Combinations:  3 upper body belly dance combinations, 3 lower body belly dance combinations, and 2 challenge dance combinations that incorporate upper and lower body belly dance moves

Belly Dance Choreography:  Original choreography set to cool rhythms that will incorporate many of the moves learned and tie everything together.

After training with our Fit Boss Belly Dancing Personal Trainers, you will be able to…

  1. Learn how to perform many belly dance moves using all parts of your body
  2. Be able to dance through various belly dance combinations, along with challenges combinations that you can continue to practice
  3. Be able to perform an original belly dance choreography that puts the moves together

Join our Fit Boss Belly Dance trainers and start dancing your way to the new, improved, YOU2.0.   Whether its to show off at your next outing or event, or simply to get in shape, explore the beautiful art of Belly Dancing with our expert guides.  Learn from the comfort of your own home, or choose from one of our partner locations, Fit Boss has all your skill based Personal Training needs taken care of.  Skills, fun, and fitness, lets get learning!

Begin your Belly Dancing journey today! Our hips are ready, are yours?

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