What you’ll learn?

  • Learn group dance moves and awesome choreography for any event, or just for fun!
  • Be able to perform an amazing group dance moves to impress family and friends
  • Be able to perform an original Group Dance choreography that has you prepared and confident for your big day!
  • Create hours of unforgettable moments learning with brilliant music, and an inspired atmosphere
  • The best moves for Group Dancing including Hip Hop, Contemporary Dance, Jazz Dance, Rumba and so much more to make a unique and interesting group dance.
  • Connect with your group.
  • How to understand music and move to the rhythm

Who this class is for?

  • People wanting to learn to dance in a group environment.
  • A group of individuals looking to learn to dance and create a lasting impression for a particular event, or just for fun.
  • Learn cool new moves, connect with people, and gain confidence in your dance skills


No requirements needed. Just a willingness to learn and have fun!


So you want to create an awesome group dance for your friend or family members big day? Or is there a big event that you want to show off your new group dance skills? Look no further.  Our Fit Boss Dance team has you covered, with expert guidance from top professional dancers, we will give you step by step dance moves, and choreography which will make any crowd impressed.

Whether it’s a single dance show, a couple, or a group dance, we provide an array of styles according to your needs.  Elegant and romantic, passionate and hot, or hip and energetic, we set the tone for excitement.   We customize each dance according to the style of the event, integrating original dance moves that will make the day memorable.

Group Dances performed for:

  • Weddings
  • Dance parties
  • Birthday parties
  • Anniversaries
  • Festivals
  • Celebrations

Book your Group Dance Show for your next event with our Fit Boss professional dance instructors.  Let us guide your way to creating a highlight moment that people will never forget.  Have fun, learn something new, be active.  Boss that next event.

Shall we have this dance?

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