How to do a backflip for beginners!

Learn the Backflip in a safe, efficient and comfortable way with our Learn to Backflip session(s) by our professional and certified Fit Boss trainers.   Learn under the supervision of professionals to provide you the fundamentals, in depth tips, guided support, as well as a necessary helping hand so you can land that backflip!

What you’ll learn

  • Practice the setup of the backflip and learn the basis of the flip.
  • Learn the technical key elements and understand how and why the backflip works.
  • Practice special pre-exercises to strengthen and condition your body for the motion.
  • Switch between the training methods and use the tips and tricks provided by the Fit Boss trainer which will work to help you to land the backflip.
  • By the end of a few sessions course with practice you will be able to land the backflip easily and impress all your friends!

This session is especially designed and the perfect course for anyone willing to learn the backflip.

While there are plenty of good tutorials out there, there is nothing quite like in person training, especially when learning a new skill! A comprehensive session with a professional trainer who can show you exactly what you need to do in a step by step format will allow you to make leaps and bounds on achieving your goals. Expert guidance can not only improve your time to learn, but also provide a support system to prevent injury as well as lead to your absolute best chance of success. All is incorporated with different methods and tactics to learn this challenging skill in a way that best fits you.

It`s the combination of understanding the key elements, fundamentals and secret tips which gives you a BOSS way to learn the backflip and lead you to success!

The key things you will learn

  • Know the correct starting position and setup for the backflip
  • Understand the technique and most important key elements
  • Practice three special pre-exercises to strengthen and condition your body
  • Learn the backflip by using five different methods and combining them
  • Learn how to do a backflip and remove fear
  • Land the backflip for the first time alone without any help
  • Learn more advanced tactics to further improve your backflip
  • Continue to do backflips all over the place and have fun
  • Direct feedback from our Fit Boss instructors…if you get stuck they are there to be of immediate help!



To start we will teach you how to set up for the backflip correctly, as well as give you some info on technicalities and basic fundamentals for improved learning. Lessons begin with the necessary stretches, and preparation to the initial starting position to helping you achieve the backflip!

Before starting with the actual practice of the backflip you will learn three great pre-exercises to condition and prepare your body. These exercises contain the key elements and are ideal to memorise the correct motion which you can continue practicing after your session. Getting fit and learning a new skill requires commitment, and we recommend all our students to continue their training with the tips, exercises, and guidance we provide when the Fit Boss teacher is not there to gain strength, and improve your practice.

Once you know about the correct technique, the key elements and the pre-exercises you are ready to start with practicing the backflip motion with the help of your instructor. You will get to know five different methods of learning a backflip. Each method is broken down in easy to follow steps and you can practice at your own pace. Take the method which feels most likeable for you or combine different methods and work yourself up to the backflip – step by step – until you will land it for the first time!

Multiple sessions are recommended to fully land the back flip.  However improvement you will see each time and we are dedicated to helping you reach your goal with style, and at the fastest pace possible in a safe environment. We want you to BOSS the backflip!



  • Having a basic level of fitness and an aptitude to learn!
  • Access to an area (park, beach, garden, training facility) with soft ground for practicing.
  • Motivation and patience to practice regularly.
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