What you’ll learn

  • Our Fit Boss Hand Stand sessions allow you a guided practice giving you essential and practical information that will allow you to achieve a solid handstand! Our expert guides are there to train you on the ins and outs from the necessary preparation, stretches, exercises and techniques which will help you build strength, confidence, and work your way to a perfect hand stand.


Have you always wanted to be able to do a handstand?

Many of us have always wanted to be able to do a handstand and be able to control it for as long as we want.   Handstands require a combination of balance, flexibility, and athleticisim which we will train you to achieve through ongoing practice and motivation.

Mastering handstands is an ongoing process and takes dedication and consistent practice.  We want to make this achievable for you by giving you the right tools, skill set and guidance to allow you to confidently continue your practice and show off to your friends long after our Fit Boss trainer has gone.  We want to give you transferrable knowledge that you can take with you, and continue to develop.

The key things you will learn

  • Know the correct starting position and setup for the handstand
  • Understand the technique and most important key elements
  • Practice special pre-exercises to strengthen and condition your body
  • Learn various methods for achieving the handstand
  • Learn how to do a handstand and remove fear
  • Complete the handstand for the first time alone without any help
  • Learn more advanced tactics to further improve your handstand
  • Continue to do handstands wherever you go and have fun
  • Direct feedback from our Fit Boss instructors…if you get stuck they are there to be of immediate help!

Further teachings include:

  • Body and mind connection
  • Strength and conditioning exercises
  • How to set up for a handstand
  • Injury prevention
  • Conscious Falling
  • Preparatory exercises
  • Basic stretching techniques
  • Prinicples of the handstand
  • Building balance tips and tricks
  • Removing fear and adding control
  • Continued practice teachings

Let our Fit Boss Handstand session get you underway to learning a new skill, and not only improve your strength and conditioning but also look real cool doing it!  Learning a new skill is tough, especially without the right guidance, That’s why our Fit Boss instructors are always looking to help improve your skill set in a fast, and safe manner which works according to each persons needs.  People are at different levels, and we are completely understanding of this. We want everyone to do  their best, and progress at a pace which feels comfortable to them.  We create an environment which is productive for continued learning.  It doesn’t matter how long it takes, you will get there, its all about the journey! Come join our Hand Stand session today!



  • Get ready for a journey on how to perform a handstand that will leave your peers in awe.
  • You should know that learning how to handstand takes time but we will provide you the absolute fundamentals, tips and tricks and supported guidance so you can learn this skill. Remember proper training with consistent effort will help you achieve your goals.
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