What you’ll learn?

  • Learn beginner to advanced Pole Dancing moves according to skill level
  • Be able to perform exciting Pole Dance combinations and impress family and friends
  • Learn exact dance drill sets so you can continue your ongoing practice.
  • Be able to perform an original Pole Dance choreography that puts all your knowledge and practice together!

Who this class is for?

  • Available for adults and kids who want to learn to dance or improve on their practice!
  • People who want to learn Pole Dancing and fundamental techniques
  • People looking to get fit and into shape in a fun way whilst learning a new skill!
  • Beginners to Advanced students of all fitness levels. You don’t need prior dance, pole dance or fitness experience.


No requirements needed. Just a willingness to learn and have fun!


Pole Dancing has been seen across the world in various cultures throughout history including in ancient Sumerian, Pagan societies in Europe, India and China as popular sports.

Modern Pole Dancing is known to have become popular around the 1920’s in the US, with the rise of circus caravans and the “Hoochie Coochie” dancers where travelling dancers would perform in shows.  Later this became popular in many “Gentlemans Clubs” known for its provocative dancing.  Today it is rising as a hugely popular fitness activity, as well as recognized sport as competitions are making it a formalized sport and art form.

Our Pole Dancing personal training classes are developed to teach beginners, intermediate and advanced students a variety of pole dancing and fitness techniques. Our Pole Dance trainers will provide an entertaining and challenging class,  with easy to understand and step by step guides to make sure you get those moves flowing! Begin your pole dancing adventure today with our Fit Boss trainers! Learn a variety of Pole Dancing moves including Classic Pole Movement, Contemporary Pole Movement, Tricks and Trick Combos, and Strength and Flexibility Conditioning exercises.  We want you to learn so you can continue your practice, and keep coming back to show off your new, improved skills.  We want to be with you every step of YOUR journey to push you along to reach your goals.

Whether you want to learn solo, or with your group of friends, Pole Dancing can be a great way to have fun, get fit, and learn something cool and new in a supportive environment!

Looking to start your Pole Dance journey? Its time to get on the pole, and lets get to work! We are here for you, all the way.

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