Who this class is for:

  • Guys and girls, kids or adults looking to learn Power Yoga
  • Those who have had injuries and are looking to improve movement and heal
  • New to advanced yogis looking to start or deepen their practice
  • People wanting to take an in depth look and understanding of many asana (poses) and sequences commonly found in Power Yoga classes
  • People wanting a more challenging yoga class
  • Increase flexibility, strength and mindfulness

What you’ll learn

  • Many of the common poses and sequences found in Power Yoga
  • Various sequences to practice Power Yoga at home and in your own time!
  • Useful alignment cues to help you execute the poses in the best way for you
  • Learn to connect breathe and flow with each movement
  • Power Yoga moves for enhanced strength


  • Yoga Mat
  • Any open area (including home, beach, office, park, etc)
  • Willingness to learn and improve yoga skills

Power Yoga as the name suggests is more power and strength focused then the typical yoga sessions found in another styles.  Under Power Yoga expect a more challenging workout, and acts as a perfect divide between a formal work out and a yoga session.  Expect fast transitions between movements along with challenging poses to really break a sweat and burn those calories.

Power Yoga can be seen as a form of Vinyasa Yoga.  The focus is on the flow and transition from one move to another, making it less about each individual move but more the movement between each in a continual manner whilst linking the breathe through out.

The key differences of a Power Yoga class are:

Speed – Quick transitions and lots of continuous movement

Sequence – Sequences are not set and often change according to instructor

Flow – Focus is on the flow between poses and connection of breathe between moves

Power Yoga has been shown to improve cardio vascular health as well as gain muscle, stress reduction, less anxiety and weight loss.  So if you are looking for a faster paced, intense, challenging yoga workout whilst remaining mindful then Power Yoga could be the class for you.

Come join our Fit Boss Yoga team and try out our Power Yoga sessions.  Available for one to one and small group bookings.  Lets get Evolved, together.

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