Who this class is for:

  • Pregnant women looking to help prepare for childbirth
  • Pregnant women looking to relax the body, and gain strength
  • Women who have given birth and looking to strengthen muscles
  • New to advanced yogis looking to start or deepen their practice
  • A long, slow yoga practice focusing on each posture with care

What you’ll learn

  • A selection of poses and sequences benefitial for women pre and post pregnancy
  • Various sequences to practice Pre & Post Natal Yoga at home and in your own time!
  • Useful alignment cues to help you execute the poses in the best way for you
  • A daily practice to help you restore and strengthen your body in a safe way to bring you back.
  • Learn to connect breathe and flow with each movement


  • Yoga Mat
  • Any open area (including home, beach, office, park, etc)

Our Pre& Post Natal yoga classes are designed for pregnant women looking to balance, strengthen, and relax their body in preparation for birth, as well as the after care once you have given birth.  A recommend practice is made of 1-2 times per week in order to keep the body active, prepared, and with a mind, and body balance.  The Pre & Post Natal Yoga is intended to create a balance between emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual dimensions. Prenatal yoga allowsyou to prepare for childbirth by relaxing the body and using safe, soft, and slow techniques and poses in all stages of pregnancy.

Yoga is a great way to prepare your body before, during and after pregnancy.  Yoga can be a form of treatment and training in order to ensure a healthy prepregnancy, pregnancy, and labor and delivery for mom and baby.

Benefits of Pre & Post Natal yoga include:

Improve sleep

Reduce stress and anxiety

Increase the strength, flexibility and endurance of muscles needed for childbirth.

Try to fit in a yoga class once or twice a week along with a regular aerobic exercise too, such as a walk or swim.

Join our expert Pre & Post Natal Yoga instructors who will help guide you along the way and be a form of support during this exciting time!

We are ready to go anywhere, anytime! Whether at home, in a beach, or park we allow for you to be comfortable in your setting, and bring the class directly to you.  One to one sessions available or group it up with friends, lets evolve, and get FiT.

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