What you’ll learn

  • Learn the proper form and technique for Qi Gong
  • Practice an effective Qi Gong routine
  • Build energy and vitality
  • Create feelings of calm and clarity
  • Improve concentration and focus
  • Increase physical strength and balance

Who this class is for?

This class is for anyone interested in the skill of Qi Gong.  From beginner level to expert, we customize each class and work with you to improve along the way.  Lets get on this journey together.


  • Any open area (including home, beach, office, park, etc)
  • Willingness to learn and improve Qi Gong skills

The history of Qi Gong dates back about 5000 years to the Han Dyansty.  There were many terms for such exercise including, xing-qi (promoting the circulation of qi), fu-qi (taking qi), tui-na (exhaling and inhaling), zuo chan (sitting in meditation), dao yin (guiding the energy flow), yang shen (nourishing the spirit), jing zuo (sitting still). A combination of these elements were developed, where the term Qi Gong became widely known for these form of exercises and meditations.

Qi Gong originated as a form of “remedy dancing” created for healing purposes.  Overall it is used a form in various ways including for medical purposes, reaching enlightenment, stress preservation, liberation of mind, high moral character and intelligence, and training as a martial art for protection.

Learn effective techniques

  • Introduction to Qi Gong
  • Where did it all begin – What is Qi Gong & Kum Nye
  • Principals of Classical Chinese medicine relating to Qi Gong
  • The Benefits of Chi Gong
  • What is Chi (energy) & it’s connection to Qi Gong
  • Deep Breathing
  • How & When To Practice
  • Qi Gong Warm Up Exercise
  • Qi Gong Breathing & Standing Technique
  • Knocking on the Gate of Life
  • Activating the Thymus
  • Awakening the meridians
  • The Liver Meridians Exercise
  • Kidney – Internal Cleanse
  • Birds Flying South
  • Lung & Heart Exercise
  • The Windmill
  • Kidney Exercise
  • Spleen & Stomach Exercise
  • Parting the Waves
  • Hugging the Tree
  • Balancing Ying & Yang
  • Self-Care & Your Journey of Healing & Self-Assessment
  • Journey of Healing – Reflection
  • Healing & Forgiveness
  • Visualization – Relaxing & Grounding

Let our Qi Gong masters at Fit Boss guide your way to learning the ancient principles of Qi Gong.   Tap into your body’s own healing ability and feel stronger, calmer and more focused.  This can be done by everyone, and will benefit anyone regardless of age, physical ability or gender.

Use the principles of ancient wisdom in Qi Gong to help balance your soul, create peace from within, and begin a practice which you can take with you for a lifetime.  Time to get EVOLVED!

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