What you’ll learn?

  • Salsa Dancing – Beginners Level to Advanced Level
  • All the fundamental techniques in Salsa for lead and follow
  • Step by step guide by professionally trained Fit Boss Dancers
  • All the core techniques to help you learn fast
  • Individual moves broken down in fine detail for both leader and follower
  • Easy to learn techniques that will help you to remember and practice on your own

Who this class is for?

Adults or kids, guys or girls, interested in the skill of Salsa Dancing, wanting to get FiT, and Boss their life to the next level.  From beginner level to expert, we customize each class to the individual and work with you to constantly improve along the way in a safe, and supportive environment.  Lets get on this journey together.


No requirements needed. Just a willingness to learn and have fun!


Salsa is recognized as originating from Cuba and Puerto Rico.  It was further cultivated into its own style within the Latino community in New York to become a main stream dance performed worldwide. Salsa is a blend of several Caribbean music and dance styles such as Cha cha cha, Rhumba, Mambo, Cumbia, Festejo, and many more.

Our Fit Boss Dance team use unique learning techniques, broken down for you in incredible detail so you can learn Salsa Dance as fast as possible.  These step by step techniques will allow you to get your Salsa on in no time and look to impress your friends, potential partners, and even yourself!

We explain what you can do to enhance your dancing from the basic steps up to complex combinations, shines, body movements, turns and much more. In a simple and detailed manner we will show you how to add attitude to your dancing and improve your posture so you own the dance floor.

Book with one of our expert Salsa instructors and let yourself shine in the spotlight, and feel the love of Salsa dancing.

Lets Salsa!

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