Who this is for:

  • People looking to get a Sound Healing treatment done in the comfort of their own home
  • Those looking to try something new!
  • Reduce stress, fatigue, and energy blockages.
  • Feel deep relaxation and peace
  • Looking for a body and spiritual cleanse
  • Improve inner harmony and relieve inner tension

What to expect:

  • Personal attention and focused treatment
  • A gentle healing process from our sound healing experts
  • Increased relaxation in the comfort of your own home
  • A spiritual practice
  • Choose from different sound healing methods including Crystal Bowls, Gong Meditation, Om Chanting, and more.

Sound healing is an ancient practice which can be dated back throughout many cultures in different areas of the world. Sound is universal, it is a language that can be understood across all cultures and religions. Since the beginning sound has been used for healing; from singing, drumming, to classical music.   In sound healing practitioners use different musical instruments to create healing vibrations around the body.  Typically, instruments such as Quartz crystal bowls and Gongsare tuned at particular frequencies allowing for healing various parts throughout the body and mind.

Sound healing is an ancient and sacred form of healing practiced in Tibet, dating back to as early as the 12th century.  Sound Therapy in all its forms combines frequency and mindfulness to treat conditions like anxiety, depression, and so much more.  The huge amount of benefits is still being studied to this day.

Sound Healing benefits include:

Managing Stress

Breathing Meditation

Emotional Health

Sleep Disorders



Mental Health

Heart Health

Some different types of sound healing include:

Tibetan Bowls

Gong Bath

Tuning Fork

Om Chanting

Classical Music


Binaural Beats


Sound healing activates your natural healing system for deep restorative healing on a cellular level leaving you feel reborn.   It harmonizes your body through the sound as you let it soak into the vibrations creating a soothing effect throughout the whole body.   The different sounds and frequencies target different parts of the body allowing a totally relaxed state, in a place which can relieve stress, anxieties and heal on a deep level.

During a sound healing session, various healing instruments can be used, typically gongs and crystal singing bowls are used to create a meditative and healing experience for the mind and body. Clients begin by lying down on a mat with their eyes closed while focusing on their breath. The different vibrations and frequencies allow for the receiver to tune into different areas, and the client and practitioner can work together to heal and retune the body.  Through the different frequencies and knowledge of the chakra system, it can help restore harmony throughout the whole body.

Join our expert Sound Healers today and try one of our one to one Sound Healing classes.  You can also create a group class with a friend or friends which is a great way to bond and get the benefits of energy healing together, whilst saving cash in the wallet!   Whether it’s a group sound healing session or your wanting a more personal experience, we have options for all.  Lets get on this FiT journey, together.

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