Who this is for:

  • Sports enthusiasts looking to improve athletic performance
  • People looking to prevent injuries
  • Treat aches pains, knots, tight muscles,
  • Those looking for a great way to recover from intense workouts
  • Increased mindfulness
  • A natural therapy designed for everybody

What to expect:

  • Focused treatment areas – Let the sports massagist know which area is of most trouble or tightness
  • Multiple massage techniques – Variety of massage techniques are used in treatment
  • Muscle tenderness – A sports massage can be stimulating and activates muscle groups
  • A one to one dialogue with your massagist on preferences and any symptoms

A sports massage is a style of massage that uses a variety of different massage methods to treat athletes as well as anyone undertaking strenuous physical activity.   This can be a great way to relieve stress on the body and mind, as well as target and pinpoint any particular areas that may be troubling.  Overall it provides a great regular routine for those undertaking frequent physical activity and looking to improve overall performance, recovery time, and simply have a deserving relax and natural therapy.

Our Fit Boss sports masseuses works directly with the clients and often become a part of a regular routine.  By having a sports masseuse it can allow you to improve your athletic performance, recover quicker, and generally relax particular areas after intense workouts.  This is post recovery sessions and is recommended whether you are an athlete or take part in intense exercise on a regular basis.

Benefits of Sports Massage include:

  • Improve your flexibility
  • Speed up your recovery time
  • Eliminate lactic acid and other builds up in the muscle tissue
  • Feel more relaxed, and clear mind
  • Reduce any pains or help niggling injuries

Book our Sports Massage sessions with our licensed sports masseuses.  We work directly with our clients to make sure they receive the best treatment, and are left feeling their best, and ready for optimal performance.  We bring the sports therapy to you, available for at home service in a time and place that suits you.  After some heavy FiT sessions there can be nothing better then a sports massage to prepare for the next week! Lets go!

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