Who this class is for:

  • New to advanced yogis looking to start or deepen their practice
  • People wanting to take an in depth look and understanding of many asana (poses) and sequences commonly found in Vinyasa yoga classes
  • People wanting to develop a daily yoga practice
  • People wanting a creative, flowing yoga practice
  • Individuals looking to get FiT through Yoga
  • Guys and girls, kids or adults looking to learn yoga

What you’ll learn

  • Many of the common poses and sequences found in Vinyasa Yoga
  • Various sequences to practice Vinyasa yoga at home
  • Useful alignment cues to help you execute the poses in the best way for you
  • A daily practice to help you relax, re-charge, and tone up
  • Learn to connect breathe and flow with each movement


  • Yoga Mat
  • Any open area (including beach, office, park, etc)
  • Willingness to learn and improve yoga skills

Vinyasa Yoga is one of the most popular forms of yoga today, due to its athletic and aerobic benefits, as well as fun nature which allows students to move around in a flowing nature, that gives people the experience of being alive, connected and free.

The Sanskrit word Vinyasa comes from “vi” meaning variation, and “nyasa” which means ‘within prescribed parameters.’

In turn this describes exactly what Vinyasa Yoga encompasses, characterized by a variety of postures which you transition between, seamlessly, using breath as a constant.

As a philosophy, Vinyasa recognizes the temporary nature of things and recognizes this in its style.  The temporary nature of postures are a reflection for life, where we stay in them for a while and then leave on to another posture (like the experience of life).   Vinyasa represents the life and death cycle, you start in one place (birth), move through different sequences (life) and then reach the end, where you come back to the beginning (rebirth).   How you feel and react during these movements is then reflective of your inner state.

Vinyasa in its form, is a breath initiated practice, that connects every action of our life with the intention of moving towards what is sacred, or most important to us, whilst getting back to who we truly are.

Vinyasa is synonymous with “flow” movement.  Moving in and out of postures in a flow like manner, staying within postures for a short period of time, and then moving onto the next whilst controlling your breath.

In our Vinyasa Yoga classes, no two classes are exactly the same, where you will move through various sequences, maneuvering through various positions, connecting with your breathe, in order to create flow (or effortless effort).  It is also called a “Moving Meditation” however is more known for its higher intensity in moving between the postures in a continuous flow.

Join our Fit Boss Yoga Instructors and take a personal Vinyasa yoga class today!  Whether you are a beginner yogi or advanced practitioner, we work directly with all our students in order to help them to step by step to improve or begin their practice, by giving them various routines, pointers, body alignments, and ancient knowledge to give an all encompassing practice that will leave anyone feeling GREAT!

Book for a personal yoga session, or book with friends and save on our group Vinyasa yoga classes. Available to be done in a comfortable setting of your choosing, be it at home, at the beach, in the office, or at one of our partner locations.

Lets get flowing, together.!

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