Green Tea Wuyi Rougui Tea For Health Care Lose Weight 250g


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Gross Weight: 250g per bag. Zip Seal Bag package keep the tea fresh and easy to drink


Production Date: 2020 Spring


Quality: Class AAAA



Storage time: 36 months


Pay attention: This Da Hong Pao was called shui xian, a fully smoked tea, fully roasted Dahongpao.



Da hong pao Tea is a mythic, it has a long history, and is widely welcomed by tea lovers. It is proved by Dr. Haruo Nakamura, from Jikei Medical University, Japan and China Preventive Medical Research Institute of Nutrition and Food Hygiene experiments confirmed that Wuyi Oolong tea has ten functions:


Anti-aging. There are tea polyphenols and vitality of GSH-PX which can help rid the body of biological free radicals, and reduce body damage.


Anti-cancer. Improving immunity. Prevention of cardiovascular disease. Tea polyphenol compounds can reduce blood cholesterol and triglyceride levels, reduce the lipid deposition. And it also play a significant role of decreasing blood viscosity, Functions of losing weight and beauty. As the level of lipid, cholesterol and triglyceride are be reduced, the decomposition activity of pancreatic lipase is promoted, the result is the neutral fat is reduced. Protection of urinary organs. This tea contains a kind of flavonols, which has the function of inhibition of tubular reabsorption. Protection of stomach. Catechin, one of the ingredients of tea, can protect the gasric and prevent the secretion of gastric juice. Preventing eye disease. Vitamin A can prevent skin thickening ,and prevent eye disease. Protection of teeth. The tea contains about 27.3-146.6PPM fluorine, this fluorine can prevent caries and enhance the toughness of bone. Pleasant mood.











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