Yoga Teacher, Sound Meditation, Hypnotherapist, Energy Healing

Alla Buzynarska

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Alla is a Certified Yoga Instructor with 7 years of experience, Feminine Embodiment Coach, Master of DAO Practices, Author of the online courses  “The Art of Being a Divine Woman” and “The Secret of the Yoni Egg”, Body-Oriented Therapy and Breathwork facilitator.

Alla believes Yoga is for everyone. It is for every shape and size, for every age and race. There is no gender difference. She provides yoga sessions both for women and men and teaches in English and Russian.

I provide Private Yoga classes in the comfort of your home or via ZOOM.


Name of Class : ✅ YOGA THERAPY  (both for men and women)

Description: In the Yoga Therapy sessions I help clients restore their individual imbalances in the neck area, shoulders, lower back, relieve chronic or long-term pain. These sessions combine guided meditationsrelaxation and physical practice. The therapy may help with depression and symptoms, such as difficulty concentrating and loss of energy. During these classes I use aroma and sound healing therapy.

Amount of Time: 75 minutes 

Category of Class: Restorative Yoga

Level: All Levels

Price:  AED 500



Description: As a Feminine Embodiment Coach I specialize in working with women to facilitate space to create healing, empower them to feel confident and balanced with menstrual cyclefeminine healthpelvic awareness.

This is a type of yoga which focuses on the intimate muscles and womb healing. Helps women prepare themself for pregnancy,  strengthen and support intimate muscles as well as go through a smooth labour. The most important part here is that a woman starts connecting to her body and listen to her inner wisdom.

Amount of Time: 60 minutes

Category of Class : Pre & post natal yoga

Level: Only for women

Price: AED 400

Zoom sessions available


Name of Class : ✅ FLEXIBILITY FLOW  (both for men and women)

Description: Stretching classes are so good for everyone. It is a joyful way to improve your overall health, detoxifyimprove flexibility, range of motion in your joints, blood circulation and relieve stress. Some of my clients are athletes, gym lovers, body builders and golfers. Especially when you are playing golf, yoga helps improve your swing, strengthen your lower back, and increase flexibility.

Amount of Time: 60 minutes

Category of Class: Vinyasa flow

Level: All Levels

Price:  AED 350


Name of Class : HYPNO-MEDITATION SESSIONS  (both for men and women)

Description: Hypno-meditation is a powerful fusion of mind, body and spirit.  In my sessions I combine two transformative techniques of hypnosis and meditation for you to reach deeper levels of awareness and clarity. During meditation you will always be in control, safe and secure.  Allowing your mind time to still and taking time to focus on you, will create a better, brighter, balanced lifestyle.

Amount of Time: 60 minutes

Category of Class: Meditation

Level: All Levels

Price: AED 350