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Angelica Albertini

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After many solo travels and work experiences all around the world I decide to share the beauty and the power of Yoga and Meditation.

I started Meditation as a therapy for panic attacks and I discovered a very huge and interesting world and spirituality.

Nowadays I’m sharing my abilities with a lot of students because I believe that Yoga can be a beautiful and empowering path for everybody’s lives.

I can teach yoga in different shapes and expressions:
For example, holding the poses for a long time, to enforce the body and mind or if you want a more dynamic practice we can flow into different positions to let the body feel free from blocks and contractions. Or either, we can use good music to dance and to enjoy free movements and a sensation of freedom.

Let’s be free together!

Category class: Vinyasa, Yin, Hatha, Power, Pregnancy, yoga for kids.


Category class: Vinyasa, Yin, Hatha, Power, Pregnancy, yoga for kids.

Description of class: Vinyasa is a class where body, mind and breath move together and in a dynamic way that allows you to flow in a free dimension. Yin Yoga helps you in centering your inner self, and grow in focus ability and resilience. Hatha is more about body and strength. Power is for people who want to swear and strengthen the body.

Through Pregnancy Yoga we discover a more deep and beautiful way to afford pregnancy and labor. I can help you to prepare your body and mind to love this journey thanks to the power of breath.

Kids Yoga, there is no funnier way than an approach to sport and wellness with yoga stories of animals and funny characters. Using the body, mind, creativity and breath to represent them. It is also a way to feel part of the community and to start respecting other people.

Amount of time: 60-75 minutes Level: beginners to intermediate.

Available for one to one yoga personal training, or group bookings and classes. Stay alert for latest classes upcoming.