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Welcome, I’m thrilled the stars have brought you here. I am here to guide you through life’s most complex and difficult matters. Whatever you’re going through, I‘m here to help you find your way forward and show where to find YOUR KEYS of success.

​From COOPERATE LEADER to SPIRITUAL MENTOR… I have chased the career, academical and financial success in my life successfully – worked in Latvia, Qatar, UAE for 15+ years in international Real Estate and FMCG companies in Human Resource and Compliance management positions.

My psychic and healing gifts have been inherited from my past lives as well as from my mother side. My most valuable spiritual experiences include:

  • Tarot, Numerology and Reiki, Energy healing several Qualifications
  • Akashic Record Reading Training & Certification
  • NLP Training & Certification
  • Vipassana 10-day Silent Meditation – Two times
  • The most enlightening spiritual journey – GOD Molecule
  • Joe Dispenza Advanced Retreat – Meditation & Healing

I invite you to visit my social media accounts where you can find Tarot Monthly Reading video for each horoscope sign, find practical information for self-healing and guidance, as well as connect and initiate conversation directly with me – Aya.

I am happy to assist you with

Numerology Readings & Tarot Card Readings – all possible questions for Love, Career, Health, Finances, Future

Tarot Online Course – it is more than full tarot program which delivers detailed and spot-on information on card meanings and reading techniques, practical assignments to master tarot card readings, heighten your intuition and tap into quantum tools for self-development

Akashic Record Readings & Healing – discovers your karmic knots, life purpose and deeper meanings of relationships and situations

Life Matrix and Numerology Reading – personalized guide-book of how to find your life purpose, escape the Matrix and overcome karmic lessons, become financially successful, and meet your love partner

Energy & Karma Healing Sessions – physical as well as distant energy healing

Spiritual Coaching – 9 week intensive program to step into your unlimited power and unlocking your full potential

Schedule an appointment or reading through Fit Boss today. Available for group or one to one bookings.