Yoga teacher, Corporate Wellness, Massage Therapist, Mindfulness Coach, Life Coach, NLP

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  • CYT 500hrs Worldwide Experience
  • Health Management, Fitness & Yoga Therapy > Adults, Family & Kids Yoga
  •  Autism & Special Needs Yoga & Movement coach
  •  Mindfulness Instructor, NLP | Life Coach
  •  Relationship Coach
  • Corporate Wellness Specialist> Work place wellness, Team building & Change Management
  • Certified Swedish – Aromatherapy Massage Therapist
  •  Over 20 Yoga/Wellness Retreats Worldwide hosted

Charm is an experienced Yoga/Mindfulness instructor & NLP coach.  She focuses on mental and emotional well being by inspiring her clients to reduce stress and live more empowered lives. Currently living in the Middle East, she truly is a citizen of the world, having lived and worked in over 20 countries across USA, Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia.

Vinyasa Flow a class which helps to build overall strength and flexibility. Vinyasa flow yoga is a creative form of yoga where all yoga poses are linked together with the breath in a flowing sequence. The beauty of this class is the variety. Each classes are different and may be dynamic and focus on strengthening postures, or it may be a slower flow with an emphasis on mobility and flexibility in the spine or the hips.


Yin Yoga is a perfect class for the over-worked, the over-stimulated, the over-stressed and the over-tired people. Yin yoga helps to move and shape  body using carefully supported positions and movements with long holds. Each posture is held for 3-5 minutes or more! Leave feeling rested and more centered. Perfect as a complement in your regular practice, on days that you’re more tired or for those that are looking for a more restful and recuperative practice.

Health Management, Fitness & Yoga Therapy

Adults, Family & Kids Yoga

Autism & Special Needs Yoga & Movement coach

Mindfulness Instructor, NLP | Life Coach

Relationship Coach

Corporate Wellness Specialist