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Lama Shahin

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Hi, I am Lama.

I live everyday with excitement and no expectation! I love yoga, pets, books, travels, and all things healthy. For me balance is the key.

I started my yoga journey in 2018 and decided to become a yoga teacher shortly after, I traveled to turkey, Istanbul and completed my 200-hour RYT with Chris Chavez in 2019.

I am a Certified Hatha, Vinyasa, Power Yoga and Spinal Alignment” Flexibility” Yoga Teacher. I am based in Abu Dhabi, where I teach regular and private classes.

Through yoga we are kinder, more balanced, and united!


Is a dynamic style of hatha yoga which joins physical postures or asanas with inhale and exhale creating a steady internal rhythm for the practice.

The class is designed to cultivate heat in the body with creative sequences involving sun salutation, standing and seated postures, back bending, arm balancing and strong focus on the power of breath awareness.

The class tend to move at a faster pace and requires greater breathing.

Classes are suitable for all levels, for one-hour session.



Hatha yoga practice is the physical practice of yoga that emphasize the alignment of postures with breath while entering and leaving the posture.

All Hatha classes encourage proper alignment of the body, often include breathing technique to bring balance, building strength, stamina, as well as improving concentration and breath control, and bring calmness to the practitioner.

Classes are suitable for all levels, for one-hour session.


Power Yoga:

The class incorporate athleticism of ashtanga including vinyasa where its more intense and focus on building strength.

The session will get the heart rate up, heating the body which will benefits in weight loss.

Classes are suitable for all levels, for one-hour session.


Spinal Alignment” Flexibility”:

Includes stretching, exercises to lengthen the muscles, we will be working on improving your range of motion with active and passive stretching drills.

Each class has different sequence that will focus on series of poses that stretch mainly the upper body, spine, shoulders, neck, hip flexors, hamstring and back.

Classes are suitable for all levels, for one-hour session.