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Leyla Zareeva

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Namaste! My name is Leyla and I fell in love with yoga over 6 years ago. Looking for some balance and grounding in my busy lifestyle I found myself in my first yoga class and that’s how magic in my life started to happen. My love for this practice led me to my first Yoga Teachers Training and ever since that time I don’t stop deepen and expanding my skills and knowledge.

I believe in intelligent and creative yoga practice bringing both physical and emotional well-being.I am eager to share my passion with my students promoting safe and inspiring practice that helps them to achieve their goals. In the same time I believe in not taking anything on our mats too serious, so I can promise there will always be some room for having fun and chuckles 🙂

Yoga Foundation | Yoga for beginners – slow paced practice focusing on the alignment and integrity in postures

Hatha flow | Slow flow – slow paced practice with longer hold in posed aligning movement and breathing

Vinyasa flow – Intermediate to advanced practice linking poses in a sequence, as well as linking conscious breath with fluid movement.

Category class: Vinyasa Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Yoga for kids.


Class Overview:

Vinyasa flow 

Get ready to sweat and challenge yourself! In my creative Vinyasa class we will be going through a set of  fluid movements and seamless transitions linked in a sequenced aligned with breath. This is a flowing and dynamic practice with shorter holds in asanas.

Amount of Time: 60 – 90 minutes

Level: Intermediate, advanced


Slow flow / Hatha flow

Meditative and slow practice with longer holds in asanas. We will focus in exploring alignment and sensations in each asana connecting movement with conscious breath. Due to it slower pace this practice is perfect for self-reflection and introspection.

Amount of Time:  60 – 90 Minutes

Level: All levels

Available for one to one yoga personal training, or group bookings and classes. Stay alert for latest classes upcoming.