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I have always been a mover! Ever since I was little, I have always been exploring different ways to enhance the way I move. As I grew older, I became fascinated with how the body moves, and even more, the depts I could explore through physical movement.

I first discovered yoga when I was traveling, where I use to teach myself from a book. I found it to be an excellent way for me to stay in shape. Little did I know, the incredible impact it would have on my overall wellness.

When I moved to Dubai, I was overwhelmed with the openness and friendliness of all the fitness communities, especially Dubai’s yoga community. It was here in Dubai that I deepened my passion for yoga, which has led me down the path I am on today.

I really enjoy introducing yoga to all walks of life – from the active, inactive and even the ones who say “I can barely touch my toes”. it doesn’t matter! I believes that yoga is for everyone, it’s all about finding the right teacher and right space to practise in.


  • Yoga Teacher Training – 200 hr YTT
  • Diploma in Science – Health & Leisure Studies
  • Honours Degree in Physical Education
  • Professional Diploma in Education
  • Gymnastics Coach – Level 2
  • REPS – First Aid

Opening people’s eyes into the world of yoga is my passion. Within my classes, I always try to offer a place of stillness, where we can focus on a combination of breath and asanas. I recognize that everyone’s bodies are different, and for that, I will always strive to make sure my teaching matches you and your body’s needs. You should expect a calm setting, a place of no judgement and the odd laughter too 🙂

Hatha Yoga

Hatha yoga is a popular practice of yoga and it suitable for all levels. It incorporates a variety of yoga poses (asanas) with breathing techniques to strengthen the body and relax the mind. Throughout the class, we practice linking the breath to each movement, in an effort to help build our body & mind connection. Hatha yoga is a gentle and slow practice and can easily be progressed for anyone who is looking for that extra challenge. It is taught under a relaxed style and will leave you feeling calm and rejuvenated.


Vinyasa stands for “flow”, and this is exactly what we practice in vinyasa yoga. In my vinyasa classes we will flow through a sequence of poses through a rhythmic sequence. We will practice the ability to link our breath to our movements at a moderate to fast pace. We will develop our strength while gradually lengthening our flexibility through dynamic movements. Prepare to get your sweat on in this class!

Beginner’s Yoga

Beginner’s yoga is for people of all ages, and for anyone who is interested in taking up yoga for the first time. The class is designed specifically for people who are new to this form of exercise and is encouraging of all walks of life. In beginner’s yoga, we will go through the foundations of the yoga practice and develop an understanding of how our body moves. We will explore our bodies abilities and challenge ourselves in a safe and supportive environment. This class is open to EVERYONE J

Power Yoga

Power yoga is an invigorating class that encourages it’s students to unleash their power within. The class is designed to build on strength, flexibility and cardio, making it a very well-rounded type of exercise. In this class we will move through a variety of poses that will both push and test your concentration and mental stamina.

This class is not for the faint hearted.

Restorative Yoga

Restorative yoga is all about slowing down. In this class, we hold postures for a long time, allowing us to deepen our connection with our bodies and our minds. The passive stretching performed in this class really allow us to relax and release any built up tension, that may be hidden throughout the body. This style of yoga is taught in a mellow manner and offers the use of props to support the body.

Using props and carefully created sequences can offer a deeper and more relaxing experience for all.

Handstand Yoga

Handstands are my jam! I have been doing handstand since I was 6 and there’s not a day goes by where I don’t place my hands on the floor! This class is for anyone who is looking to elevate their yoga practice and delve deep into the art of handstands. I combine my yoga teaching with my gymnastics coaching to offer a safe and informative experience that guarantees results. Let me help you unlock your potential to reaching new heights in your practice 🙂