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Olya Ali

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Languages Spoken: English, Russian and Ukrainian

Nationality: Ukraine

Meet Olya Ali.  Professional boxer and inspiring trainer from Ukraine. At 2012 she became Ukrainian champion among juniors at the age of 16.

I have started boxing and fights when I was young at the age of 11. A funny story happened to me at one of my fights when I joked to be announced as Olya Ali while didn’t expect it to happen as usually they are having lists with your name, so from that time became known for that and it became as my nickname till nowadays. At 18 years old moved to Dubai to work as fitness attendant at Burj Al Arab Hotel, in 3 months get promoted to run boxing and fitness group and private classes. After that moved to pre-open Rixos Premium. Me and my colleague worked there on opening and settling gym and continue to work 2 more years as fitness managers and trainers. After that start to run group ladies and mix boxing classes at different gyms. Overall I have 7 years experience as boxing and fitness trainer.

I consider myself as communicative, mature and fast- learner person, who is not scared of any difficulties or responsibilities. My work is my biggest passion. Love to encourage people to do more than they think can.


Category of Class : Boxing 

Classes Overview : My boxing class includes a variety of workouts including a good warm up, stretching session, as well as HIIT training.  We work one to one on boxing fundamentals working with mits and pads, and other training techniques depending on current skill level to consistently improve and make you better physically, and boxing wise.  I cater each class to the individual and work with them to build up strength, confidence and boxing skill.

Description of class: I enjoy working with each individual, specialising on their needs and working with them to make them the best boxer they can be.  I share my knowledge and expertise of years of boxing in order to bring the best out of the person and make them work, but also enjoy the process, whilst learning new skills.

Amount of Time : 60 minutes

Level  : All levels