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Sally Rached

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Sally Rached discovered the power of yoga in 2015 through MySore style under Dr. Amar Hiremat

Since then she started to practice religiously and became a huge enthusiast of hatha, vinyasa and power yoga.

In February 2018, she joined the YTT program in Dubai and got certified as a a 200 Hours Yoga Instructor.

In April 2019, she joined the advanced YTT program in Bali and got certified 500 Hours Yoga Instructor.

In September 2019, she also got certified 30 hours Swing Yoga in Abu Dhabi.

Yoga healed her heart and transformed her life physically, spiritually and mentally.

Her true aspirations is to inspire beautiful humans around her, share her yoga passion and experience as well as help them reach their happy place.

Classes Overview:

Her classes are powerful, playful and heartfelt as she combines hatha, vinyasa flow, and power yoga style in her sequences.

Class Style(s):

Vinyasa, Candlelight Vinyasa Flow, Hatha and Power Yoga

Power Yoga Class: My Power Yoga Flow are fast paced intense sequences. It builds heat and burns away excess tension with energetic asanas that link with your breath.

Vinyasa Flow Class: My Vinyasa flow is a meditation in motion practice based on a spiritual theme, it combines both mental and physical balance. This class will free up space and challenge your body through hip and heart openers, as well as inversions and twists.

Candlelight flow: This class blends pranayama (deep breathing exercises), heating the body through movement and restorative poses with a focus on relaxing into the deepest layers of the body to help you return to a place of release surrender and calm.

Hatha Class: This class emphasizes on alignments away from a flow movement. It focuses on the breath, holding the poses to develop flexibility and relaxation.

Amount of Time : 75 mins

Level : All Levels depending on the requirement