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A Casablanca (Morocco) native but called France home for a decade, Soukaina discovered her inner voice as Yoga teacher after a 9-months Vinyasa training in Paris led by her American teacher and mentor Amanda Dates. Exercise and competition have always been part of her life since she was very young, but Yoga felt like something else, something different compared to all the sport activities she has been practicing for years. In Yoga she finds a safe place, a community and a very helpful toolbox for daily life on the mat but most importantly out of the mat.

Today through her dynamic yoga classes, Soukaina will help you find your balance between strength and flexibility using your breath as your best friend. Her classes are for all levels because she gives various options and adapts the rhythm of the class accordingly. So are you ready to Flow?


Description of class: “Soft power” this is how she loves to call her dynamic yoga flows because it is likely to challenge your body and mind but always with love and attention.

The 1 hour session usually starts with a centring phase combining a small meditation and some pranayama. Then warming up big muscles of the body, core and some sun salutations. After that comes the peak flow or peak posture? before ending up with some sitting asanas (hips openers, backbend, forward fold, twist). Final relaxation follows with a closing meditation

Amount of Time : 60 – 90 Minutes

Level: All levels