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Stefan Mitic

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Languages Spoken: English, Serbian

Nationality: Serbian

Stefan Mitic is a fight trainer.   Being born in Serbia, Stefan has over 10 years of fitness industry experience.   Through his experience has led him to provide a training program which envelops a full regime, including anything from Military Drills, HIIT, Boxing and MMA training, Personal Training, TRX, Kettle Bells and also as a swimming coach!    On top of this he is also a licensed Physiotherapist, allowing for a trainer that will help you reach all your goals, an an all encompassing personal trainer.  Whether its losing body fat, gaining fight skills, toning, increasing muscle mass, or improving motor and speed skills, or recovery then Stefan is your go to guy for RESULTS!


Category of Class : Boxing 

Classes Overview :  Stefan Mitic personal training classes are fight focused and range according to the clients needs.  He is skilled and trained across multiple facets of combat including MMA and Boxing, and utilizes specific skill drills along with cardiovascular activities and strength training to provide an all rounded class which is sure to push the client to new levels.

Description of class: All classes are customized exactly to the client, using all his expertise whether it be learning to fight, physiotherapy, muscle gain, or skill improvements.  Dedicated to bring you to the next level.

Amount of Time : 60 minutes

Level  : All levels