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Yana Dunaeva

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Languages Spoken: English, Russian

Nationality: Russia

Meet Yana Dunaeva.  A Russian Muay Thai champion, and now available for personal training for one to one sessions or groups.  A certified coach with more then 9 years experience in the sport, Yana has the knowledge and know how to get you fighting FiT.   This is 60 minute trainings where you will be tested, gain boxing and kick boxing knowledge, and improve your self defense.

Disciplines: Muay Thai, Kick Boxing, Boxing, Fitness

Category of Class : Boxing, Kick Boxing, Muay Thai, General Fitness

Classes Overview : A variety of martial arts styles according to your skill level, and abilities.  Beginning with fundamentals, followed by a good warm up, stretching session, as well as HIIT training, pad work, and so much more.  We work on your fight skills, through mits and pads work, and other professional training techniques to get you to the next level.  Every class we build on your knowledge to gain increased strength, skills, and agility.

Amount of Time : 60 minutes

Level  : All levels