Truffle & Chilli

Through these stressful times, our company was looking for a way to get people back with uplifted spirits. We weren’t sure what would be the trick but we certainly found the answer with Yoga Bosses. Their various programs allowed us to experience not only yoga, but also everyone loved the gonging meditation and sound healing sessions. We now do it weekly!

Sculpture Bank HR

Our staff have thoroughly enjoyed the yoga sessions at our office. Its been a welcomed and much needed break from the day to day grind for our employees, and I can definitely see an improvement in their work performance. Overall everyone is in a much lighter mood, and we can’t wait for the next one! Thanks Yoga Bosses!

Cameron Collins

We’ve received amazing response from companies using Yoga Bosses through our platform, Work Fam. Their corporate yoga programs are second to none, and can be customized to the company needs. All the HR teams love working with them!